NPHS Ltd is proud to be appointed a distributor and certified installer of the PUCK fire suppression system. PUCK is a revolutionary fire suppression system offering discrete protection coupled with industry leading pricing, efficient system design and easy install. PUCK’s lightweight nozzles sit just 3mm below the ceiling making them non-intrusive whilst offering complete protection. These nozzles connect to a compact pump unit using flexible pipework and easy fit fittings. This keeps design and install time to an absolute minimum and allows for potentially large install savings. PUCK is compatible with all fire panels offering fire and fault n/o and n/c contacts. PUCK is certified and tested to meet BS:8458, BS9252:2011

Industry Leading Pricing

Low Profile Nozzles

Compact Pump Unit

Low Flow System Does Not Require Large Water Tank

Push Fit Fittings, Allows For Easy System Install

Flexible Pipework

Customisable Self-Test Facility

Compatible With Fire Panels Using Voltage Free Contacts

Stainless Steel Pipework Available Where System Is Not Installed Behind Fire Rated Barrier


Tested to BS:8458

PUCK is fire tested to BS:8458 residential watermist standard and BS:9252 sprinkler standard.

Flush Nozzles

The PUCK nozzles sit flush with the ceiling making them as discrete as possible.

Flexible High Pressure Hose

Using flexible small bore high pressure hose the PUCK system is easy to install.

Significant Savings

With the revolutionary technologies throughout PUCK, fire safety can be offered at a reasonable price for the first time. 

Self Testing

The PUCK pump unit automatically tests once per week to ensure the unit is functioning correctly.

Low Flow

PUCK runs purely from the mains water supply, no large water storage tanks required.

On average
PUCK uses 80%
Less water than
a traditional

PUCK's discrete nozzles
sit flush with the ceiling

Allows for


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